Letters to the Editor

Backing Lexington Catholic

I support the policies and procedures of Lexington Catholic High School, a faith-based school that welcomes all students of any race, religious belief or socioeconomic status.

I have two sons who graduated from Lexington Catholic, and I was involved with many other parents on committees and projects at the school. The current administration has always been fair and just with all students.

Principal Sally Stevens and president Steve Angelucci care deeply about every student, and they have demonstrated over many years that they nourish and develop students to be as successful as possible. I have seen both make decisions that were in the best interest of the student.

Although I am not aware of the incidents that have been reported, and only one side of the story has been stated, I do applaud the establishment of a diversity committee, which will make an outstanding school even greater.

Angelucci and Stevens are dedicated, caring school administrators who have the highest integrity and an outstanding sense of propriety. I have tremendous respect for them. Lexington Catholic could not have two finer individuals leading it, and I thank them for their dedication and commitment. Their positive impact on many students’ lives will never be forgotten.

Tom Porter