Letters to the Editor

How to stop Trump

Donald Trump should be stopped. Yet the myriad efforts to block him are poorly conceived.

Trump is admired as an anti-establishment candidate, so for Mitt Romney and other establishment politicians to condemn him only confirms his role as their adversary.

Trump also boasts of being a great negotiator who can raise us above the filthy rancor of obstructionist politics, so politicians need to change their tune before angry voters will tune Trump out.

To that end, it would be wise for our lawmakers to cut short their feuds.

If Sen. Mitch McConnell graciously bowed to the president’s right to select a Supreme Court justice, it would be a new day in Washington and people would take notice.

It would be refreshing to see Sen. Rand Paul endeavor to reveal the pros as well as cons of the Affordable Care Act.

Displays of calm compromise would show voters that today’s politicians can be mature, unleash themselves from special interests and do what is right for society.

The old style of acrimony is backfiring and leading us into a brick wall that our citizens, and not Mexico, will pay for.

David Anderson