Letters to the Editor

Andrew Jackson critic lacks perspective

In a May commentary, Barry Peel fell in line with what I believe is a minority that want Andrew Jackson’s image removed from the $20 bill. Peel immediately lost credibility by labeling Jackson the 10th rather than seventh president.

I am turned away by articles that make me feel the writers are so blinded by dislike or hate that they refuse to give any credit to the people being criticized. Peel fails to see any good in Jackson, born poor and orphaned by the time he was 14, who was self-taught and had the ability to connect with the common man.

So, here we are in the 21st century with some people trying to rewrite history when they encounter things they don’t like. It’s easy to see the mistakes of early settlers and our government in regard to slavery and in the treatment of Native Americans. Yet we all are products of our times and the communities where we belong. America is great because it has shown its ability to change — though that’s not always a beautiful sight.

I lived outside the United States for eight years when I was young; it was a privilege that I wish more could experience. It gives one a broader perspective from which to judge this great country.

Charles Adams