Letters to the Editor

State losing good workers

I worked in a state government department that I was very proud to be a part of. Leadership was top notch; truly, the people at the top looked out for the best interests of their employees and the community they served. Having worked there many years, it has been gut wrenching and heartbreaking to see what the Bevin administration has done to that department.

The people in the executive/top positions have been picked off and replaced one by one, through no fault of their own. And it has been done in a rather cold, crude, unprofessional and almost vindictive way. Now, some of the supporting staff — all very good, talented people — are leaving because of the rapid decline in morale.

I have experience with only this department because I still have very close ties there. However, I am told this is happening elsewhere in state government under the new regime. I feel the worst for the ones left behind because they have no choice. They need to fulfill their years for retirement. They are having a hard time, and it breaks my heart. I hope what I’ve witnessed and what I’ve been told by others do not become the undoing of state government and its employees.

Shannon Sanders