Letters to the Editor

ADDs a waste tax money

While the Herald-Leader expresses continued concerns over management of the Bluegrass ADD, I see no concern about the millions of taxpayer dollars that the area development districts send to various agencies that duplicate existing services of state agencies and educational systems.

I recently read about the Kentucky workforce cabinet officials sending money to ResCare and Kentuckiana Works in Louisville, knowing full well there are state agencies that provide the same services.

We have a state employment service, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, and major state, regional, private universities and proprietary schools. All are staffed by educated, certified, experienced employees who can and daily do this work.

The ADDs in Kentucky operate as political slush funds, by design, directing tax money to other groups that often duplicate services. The folks who serve on these boards are no doubt good people, but they are, in fact, politically appointed, and the funds are then distributed to other politicians, such as county judge-executives.

Is it not stupid to cut funds to one group then fund another that does the same stuff?

All said in spite of personal appreciation for my better funded pension.

It matters not which party is in the governor’s office; this is waste.

Michael A. Tyree