Letters to the Editor

Our Constitution perverted

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

Has any other country adopted this advertising campaign? It’s time that we admitted we have allowed a few people to force us to conform to their perversion of the Second Amendment. We are made to dance around the idol and worship like it was the golden calf. The notion is idolatrous. It is wrong. It is a lie.

Gun owners in the United States are the minority. Most people in this country don’t own a gun. Yet some in this country own so many that American gun owners account for almost 42 percent of privately owned guns in the entire world.

Gun ownership feeds homicide rates in ways that are not experienced in other countries that allow private citizens to own guns. The U.S. has had almost one of every three public mass shootings worldwide.

Our Constitution, whose supreme genius is its protection from tyranny, has been perverted. We have let a tiny, powerful and vocal minority convince us that it allows us to own and use any and all forms of firearms as we will.

It is way, way, way beyond time to stop this insanity.

Todd Garland