Letters to the Editor

Thanks for solidarity

I am thankful that Lexington residents came together Sunday night in Triangle Park, truly our city’s heart, to show solidarity with the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando.

I was deeply moved while standing at the vigil shoulder-to-shoulder with my GLBTQ, Muslim, straight and more brothers and sisters, young and old. I thank the speakers for echoing the messages of inclusivity, understanding, compassion and strength Orlando itself is known for. The transformation of the Lexington Center’s curved fountain into a rainbow is genius and beautiful. Thanks to the center for collaborating on that idea and embodying what it means to be a civic center.

Those who could not make it to the vigil should head to Triangle Park with your friends and family to see the beautiful rainbow fountain and help me in thanking the city, the Lexington Center and Tom Willis, whose design it is.

Lisa Meek