Letters to the Editor

ISIS hijacked Islam

Islam is a religion of peace practiced by about 2 million Americans. The so-called Islamic State is based on a fundamentalist literal interpretation of Islam, which has its source in the Wahhabism view of Saudi Arabia. This is an extreme view — in fact, a kind of demonic faith using theology to justify murder and suicide bombings.

We should not allow broadcast media or President Barack Obama to refer to this demonic gathering by its self-proclaimed name of “Islamic State.” Just as a fundamentalist literal interpretation of the Bible is contrary to the Holy Spirit and American democracy, Wahhabism and all literal forms of Islamic faith are a danger to the spirit of Islam. Browse many Islamic scholars on the internet.

We should not allow it to pretend to be Islamic. Furthermore, we cannot defeat a satanically inspired ideology by military force alone. We need all Muslims, both American and worldwide, to help resist and defeat this hijacking of their faith. Let us all promote peace.

We, in Kentucky, could have no better model of what this means than in the passion to promote peace in the life of Muhammad Ali.

Paschal Baute