Letters to the Editor

Hypocritical prayers

Frankly, despite the deluded myth of the terminally ignorant, that the “gov’ment’s comin’ to git yer guns,” I wish it would.

Certainly, in a sane world, no private citizen should own or have a gun that is designed for the sole purpose of killing other people and should only be in the hands of law enforcement or military personnel.

It is quite clear that more guns do not make this nation safer and that the Wild West vigilante scenarios of good guys with guns riding to the rescue is a ludicrous fantasy. Those are usually the morons who are accidentally shooting themselves or others.

For every mass slaughter like Orlando, the National Rifle Association, the gun lobby, and every legislator who blocks sensible gun restrictions are all accessories to such crimes. When the congressional accomplices to these NRA-aided murder sprees piously offer their thoughts and prayers, the media should run a banner beside their name on the screen, revealing their NRA rating and how much they have received in campaign donations from them. Then we would know just how much blood these hypocrites have dripping off their hands.

Charles Edward Pogue