Letters to the Editor

Check our own attitudes

If we have disparaged others with words, jokes or actions, we have participated in a brand of terrorism that destroys just as surely as an assault rifle.

If we have ever decided someone, some portion of the human family, is unworthy of respect — or been silent in the face of disrespect, intolerance or bigotry — we have tacitly given approval to those who seek justification in order to execute others.

Our attitudes and words, winks and snickers, thought-out and thoughtless reactions and skewed religiosity all incite terror.

We stand with Orlando and our LGBT sisters and brothers, for sure. But, do we accompany, support, celebrate and sit with one another to learn who the “other” is and then stand with them daily?

Robert Browning wrote, “Without love, our earth is a tomb.” Pulse, the tomb, is highly visible in Orlando. However, the tomb is Lexington, our neighborhoods, our campuses, our homes, our basketball courts and community pools and even our places of worship when we choose not to love.

If we want real change and if hope is to be more than a word, we must choose to stand with each sister and brother every single day and choose love, unconditionally.

J.R. Zerkowski