Letters to the Editor

Same old excuses on guns

OK. So this time there actually was a good guy with a gun. He even managed to get off a few rounds. What good did that do?

Yesterday I heard a BBC reporter ask Marco Rubio (the sane Republican) if now was the time to discuss changing American gun laws. And as usual, it turns out that (wait for it) it is not because the Orlando shooter would have obtained his gun anyway from ... blah blah blah ...

So, do nothing.

I realize, at last, that it will never be the time to outlaw these assault-style weapons. If a madman blasted half the House chamber away, one of the survivors would say that we need more mental-health research or should close off some border.

Mateen, Holmes, Lansa, even the San Bernardino dude were all U.S. citizens who purchased their weapons when they should not be purchasable. I don’t care if they were as sane as my grandmother, those weapons should be illegal, period.

I want Hillary Clinton to come for people’s AR-15s and if they don’t turn them over I want every last Republican to do time in the rock yard.

Darryl Halbrooks