Letters to the Editor

Tenants, know and exercise your rights

In regard to a June 5 letter: Over 30 years, I leased from many different landlords. Most landlords rely on their tenants not knowing their rights, and of those few who do, even fewer attempting to enforce them.

Does it come as a surprise to anyone that a person in power, i.e. the landlord, does not wish to be inconvenienced by a tenant asserting his proper rights under the law, much less being represented by an attorney?

Should I have empathy for a landlord who faces a “time-consuming adversarial confrontation”? Is there a·more basic human right than housing? Law, at least to some extent, may “level the playing field.”

I·urge all tenants in Fayette County to get a copy of Landlord Tenant Rights and Responsibilities (KRS 383.505-715), which is distributed free to those requesting a copy from the Fayette County Bar Association or Central Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service.

It is well written and understandable, with much useful information, much of it in question-answer format, and includes contact information on where to get help.

They have rights who dare defend them.

Robert M. Atkinson