Letters to the Editor

GOP should look in mirror

With House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dangling slowly in the wind, a disgraced Republican Party hides from its own core essence, which presidential candidate Donald Trump dares speak instead of disguising with traditional GOP dog whistles.

How do hypocrites Ryan and McConnell excuse their defend-Trump behavior, which is business-as-usual? Their problem is that Trump says it out loud. The GOP has exploited the race card in churning up its base for decades — but now Trump simply puts their code-word performance into too-candid public comments that the GOP must respond to with fake “shock.”

Their most embarrassing reality is that Trump truly reflects what is deeply wrong with the Republican Party. While the whole world is watching, what are “good” Republicans going to do about Trump except to express “shock” at his candor.

Trump loyalists are not protesting outrage against his racism toward a judge or spontaneous demeaning “my African-American.”

And days ago, the overwhelming majority of rank-and-file Republicans said they “back Trump” — why their compromise then, and how do they do a credible total turnaround now?

Michael Gregoire