Letters to the Editor

Media wrong on zoo story

I’m outraged by the media’s dishonest, morally reprehensible coverage of the Cincinnati Zoo incident. It’s a textbook study on why the media are so despised.

All the media have talked about is the outrage over the gorilla’s killing, as though no other opinions existed or mattered.

But it’s clear from actually reading people’s comments online that public opinion is split on the incident.

And much of the public has been outraged by the animal rights extremists themselves, but reporters don’t talk about that.

So many Justice for Harambe supporters online have said that the rare gorilla was worth more than a common human being (a Washington Post headline quoted one who called what happened “worse than murder”). They also say that Darwinism should have won out and the boy allowed to die because he and his family had been stupid.

On Twitter, I started reporting the numerous people who wrote that the boy and/or his mother should have been shot instead.

Yet somehow only the reaction of these animal-rights extremists matters to the media. Wake up, media, and do your jobs of reporting truthfully on public opinion.

E.L. Schwibs