Letters to the Editor

Squirrel photo not nutty

In response to the June 3 letter criticizing Herald-Leader photographer Charles Bertram’s front-page photo of a “nutty squirrel:”

For many years, I have enjoyed Bertram’s pictures: numerous photos of wildlife along Richmond Road, including the great blue heron, one of which appeared on Dec. 25; and another squirrel in Woodland park atop a trash can with a French fry in his mouth on Dec. 28, 2011; as well as numerous other pictures of news events of all subjects.

Bertram was name Photographer of the Year by the Kentucky News Photographers Association in January.

More than cute, the squirrel photo is photojournalism at its best. It gives a whole perspective to the Lexington area. How nice to see a witty community view on the front page rather than so many sports articles and photos.

It’s difficult to understand why a journalism major cannot see the value of photojournalism in today’s media. By the way, I have a journalism degree from Michigan State University.

Evelyn Lockwood