Letters to the Editor

Fond memory of UK player

I was saddened when I read of Lou Michaels’ passing. He and I graduated in 1958, and of course, I followed his football prowess as an outstanding University of Kentucky player.

But my most vivid memory of him is as a classmate in ROTC. Back then, ROTC was a requirement so he participated and was a good student (most of the time). We each took our turns as squad leader in marching our squad on the parade field, which is in front of what is now known as the Old Administration Building.

We practiced: forward march, column left march, squad halt, etc. When it was Lou’s turn, he marched us around the field and then had us marching double time, headed from the Administration Building toward South Limestone.

Apparently Lou went blank and could not remember how to halt the squad or turn us left or right. As we approached the precipice at Limestone, he yelled out, “Oh Jesus, please stop!”

We had a good laugh and continued marching.

David L. Terry