Letters to the Editor

Zoo faced no-win situation

As I watched news about the Cincinnati Zoo, I could see how far our nation has fallen away from God.

It seems as though people thought more of the gorilla than the child. One person said the mother should have disciplined the boy more.

The boy had just wandered off. My three kids are grown now and have their own families, but when they were that age, I could turn my head for a second and they would be into something that could have been dangerous. Children see no danger.

The zoo did the right thing; the gorilla could have killed the boy at any time. You can’t trust wild animals. If it had hurt the kid, people would say the gorilla should have been killed sooner. It’s a no-win situation.

We have a book to live by: the Bible (basic instructions before leaving Earth). We still wander away, but our heavenly father calls us to come back every day. We also fall into bad places, but he looks beyond all our faults and sees our needs. We need him every day in this world.

Quit blaming and call on Jesus.

Bobby N. Osborne