Letters to the Editor

Listen to Trump

After hearing Donald Trump’s remarks after the attack in Orlando, I donated to his campaign and re-upped my NRA membership. As a proud gay Kentuckian who believes in the Constitution, it is clear that only Trump has a plan to deal with terrorist attacks.

Hillary Clinton’s solution is to put us all back in diapers and take away our sharp toys. Having done nothing to confront radical Islamic terrorism, she would rather disarm law-abiding citizens.

Clinton’s warped approach is rooted in decades of failed ideology spawned by elitists who consider the rest of us children who need to be “kept” while they eagerly assume roles of power.

Clinton never worries about herself because she and her bodyguards know that terrorists pick easy targets. The only way for commoners to preserve our freedoms is to be smart, prepared and vigilant, as Trump says.

Bill Michael