Letters to the Editor

Wisdom on bathroom issue

John Roberts’ June 5 commentary had the best insight I have read on the gender bathroom issue. I assure you I do not hate people in the LGBT community.

Roberts said, “Gender identity is entirely subjective, based only on the feeling of an individual. Sex is a biological trait that is measurable and clearly definable. The push to define crucial parts of law in terms of personal feelings, in direct contradiction to biological evidence, creates a slippery slope.”

I agree that people should use the bathroom that matches their anatomy rather than who their emotions tell them they are. As a mature woman, I could deal with gender identity individuals in a bathroom or locker room and shrug it off. On the other hand, I certainly do not want the innocence of my granddaughters shattered by so-called fairness. How about fairness to these young innocent girls?

Peggy Park