Letters to the Editor

Tired of apology mantras

I assume the Rev. Robert Cunningham’s June 10 commentary came from a very sincere place, but it was hard to read.

As the Herald-Leader cartoonist and other liberal mainstream media mock and condescend to conservatives and Christians, I see a pastor make sweeping misleading statements about the church in general.

I have attended church all my life and have seen God’s goodness in action at every level. I have not seen any of my Christian brothers and sisters “obsessing” over the redefinition of marriage.

We have simply held fast in our beliefs about what the Bible says about marriage. I have not seen a headlong drive toward greed, either.

I am tired of the church being blamed for being segregated on Sunday. I see people of all colors in various churches around town. It is a free country. I am tired of the great apology mantra. Enough.

I know church people of all colors getting in line to donate blood right now for the Orlando shooting victims. That’s called Christian charity and concern, and it’s not atypical. And it is colorless.

Let’s quit living in the past, neither covering it up nor dredging it up.

Islamic terrorists are killing Americans. It’s time to address that first.

J.D. Mackey