Letters to the Editor

Where’s the media outrage?

Let’s say a sitting Republican president endorses the presumptive Republican nominee for president. Problem is, that nominee, whom he had previously appointed as secretary of state, is under criminal investigation for violating multiple legal statutes and potentially endangering the security of the United States.

The investigation, hampered by the nominee who has lied about her activities, is conducted by the State Department, the FBI and the Justice Department, all of whom report to the president and are run by that president’s political appointees.

The uproar would clearly be deafening, with the media leading the charge. The obvious conflict of interest and cronyism would be cited as an example of a corrupt, unjust and deceitful administration.

The media silence has been deafening since President Barack Obama endorsed his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, even though his political appointees are supposed to be completing a thorough and unbiased investigation into Clinton’s alleged illegal activities.

If this was Russia’s Vladimir Putin or North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, we would accept it as yet another evil deed committed by dictators who routinely ignore their country’s laws. But it isn’t.

Barry Schumer