Letters to the Editor

Don’t vote on appearance

A recent letter writer sulked that if he couldn’t have Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee, he would vote for Republican Donald Trump because the writer doesn’t like the way Hillary Clinton looks.

This is why we don’t give the vote to children. Adults know they should evaluate candidates based on their experience, actions and philosophy — not their appearance.

You might not like Clinton as a buddy, but it’s pretty obvious that she has more experience and skill as a statesman than thin-skinned Trump. Clinton has actually been a functioning member of government. Trump has done nothing more than fire people. When you vote people with no experience into office, you get selfie-takers like Gov. Matt Bevin, who can’t even veto bills properly and makes personnel decisions based on petulance.

If you turn away from the Democratic nominee because you think she’s “fake nice” then you’re abandoning Democratic ideals. You’re basing your political alignment not on ideas and philosophy, but on emotions and appearances. If you vote based on the way the candidate looks, you might as well not call yourself a Democrat. Instead, just call yourself a Kardashian.

Molly VanZant