Letters to the Editor

We need cleaner water

The Ohio River is the most polluted in the country. That is where our drinking water comes from. Because mercury pollution keeps getting worse, we can’t eat fish from many Kentucky waterways.

In the summer, you can’t swim or fish in many rivers, lakes and creeks because of the toxic algae blooms caused by pollution from fertilizer, manure and sewage waste. Toxic algae is gross and dangerous to people and wild animals and birds, but manure and sewage in our lakes is even more gross.

Pollution comes from all kinds of things around us and we can all help. Cigarette butts thrown on the ground are the biggest source of litter, they release toxic chemicals, like arsenic, into rainwater. Each of us can work to conserve water every day. Using less water in our homes, means less water processed with chemicals to be put back in the river.

All the water we will ever have on Earth is already here, and only 3 percent is fresh water. Please make a pledge to save water.

Girl Scout Brownie Troop 2276

Jefferson County