Letters to the Editor

Cut the bloat at Morehead State

Faculty and staff at Morehead State University need to contact each individual regent with the same message: Expose the cronyism on campus. Expose the ongoing waste and fraud being perpetrated by the elite administrators. Every new administrator does not need new furniture or carpeting or office renovation.

Expose all the expensive hidden perks stolen from the budgets, which take away from employee salaries and student needs. Expose the “shadow” administrators, faculty and staff on the payroll who have no legitimate function.

The ones most responsible for the ongoing fiscal and personnel problems are the individual regents, whose lassitude and total lack of oversight have led to the problems that are now being manifested.

Most of the regents are good people, but they believe the twaddle being fed to them by the administration.·Does not one regent have the intellectual curiosity to question the data being selectively spoon-fed to them?

It has been well known since the late 1970s and early 1980s that student populations are decreasing. There has been an increase in community colleges, other regional colleges and online courses that are competing for that same declining student population. Yet the administration continues to increase.

State funding for the university is adequate; it is the misuse of tax money that is appalling.

Neal Wheeler