Letters to the Editor

The irony of Trump

I am not a supporter of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders; neither am I a supporter of Donald Trump. The fact that Trump has made it this far reflects the frustration, gullibility and emotional dysfunction of the American public.

I find it ironic that Trump was granted five military deferments, but is so hawkish. I was deeply disappointed by the veterans who allowed Trump to disparage Sen. John McCain and his military service.

I find it ironic that Trump is hailed as a great business leader when he has four bankruptcies. I understand that he did not file personal bankruptcy, but let us be honest: the bankrupt organizations were under his leadership. I find it ironic that some on the religious right are pandering to Trump, whom I seriously doubt knows any Bible verse by heart or even where his personal copy is.

I find it ironic that some of the working class are such staunch Trump supporters since his father provided him with at least $1 million to start his own business. I find it ironic that some of Trump’s primary opponents are now waiting in line to board his campaign train. It shows me that talk is cheap and most politicians lack integrity.

Tyrone Hobbs