Letters to the Editor

Find a new scapegoat

Two recent letter writers, like many of their brethren, claim to know whose fault all of our problems are. It still appears that the poorest and least powerful members of society are to blame. That is, if everything were actually as bad as the letter writers’ well-digested and regurgitated propaganda claims it is. But it isn’t.

The same old litany continues: President Barack Obama hates whites and Christians and the Constitution, etc. I’m not sure why Republicans care whether Obama hates Christians; they don’t seem to have a dog in that fight (but maybe Jesus would hate the refugee victims of terrorism and the poor, lest they diminish his property values).

Of course, Obama is also weakening the military and wrecking the economy. Except that he isn’t. Just ask the actual military or actual economists. And Hillary Clinton is complicit in the deaths in Benghazi, even though seven Republican-led hearings proved she wasn’t. There may be good reasons not to vote for her, but this isn’t one of them.

As a not-so-great senator once said, we are in the Whack-A-Mole part of the campaign now, and it is important to stay diligent when this nonsense rears its head.

Jeff Deaton