Letters to the Editor

Weak argument on climate

A letter writer’s arguments on climate change demand response. Two prejudices must be countered.

First is the conviction that nothing is scientifically compelling in the absence of absolute certainty. Rather, science objectively examines and tests phenomena and determines probabilities of outcomes. Some outcomes are overwhelmingly likely or overwhelmingly unlikely.

It is extremely unlikely that all the air molecules in a room would gather in a tiny corner, leaving occupants to expire in a heap on the floor. Anyone worrying over such an event would be considered a lunatic, even though no law of physics denies that it could happen.

By contrast, dire consequences of climate change, based on trends and studies in climate science, are incredibly more plausible, even if not absolutely provable.

Second, claiming that scientists are frauds and liars seeking personal gain goes beyond the pale. Those who castigate scientists while swallowing the words of energy-company executives, their lobbyists and confederates in Congress “know not what they doeth to themselves.”

We also are enduring a growing attack against reason and intellect. We should realize that faith with charity and reason with love give America a real chance for greatness. If there is credible evidence that this phony conflict is harming society, it is the efforts of political and corporate leaders to weaken and co-opt education to create a population of dimwits incapable of questioning or challenging their domination.

Ernest Henninger