Letters to the Editor

Bad VA colonoscopy rule

In 2009, I had colorectal cancer, with complications that doctors never resolved. What is funny in a way is that I was supposed to have had a colonoscopy at VA on May 26 in hopes they would consider finding out why I was still having problems.As it turns out, I have the same symptoms I had in 2009 when I had cancer. And all any medical facility has to say is that since I do not know anyone who can accompany me for a colonoscopy, they have a sufficient reason to refuse me the procedure. The reason given is that I might drive a car that I do not own after having a colonoscopy performed.

I have let U.S. Rep. Andy Barr know about my situation and am hopeful that he might mention to the VA that cancer screening should be taken seriously and that they should go ahead with it.

James A. Lindgaard