Letters to the Editor

Democrats acting like kids

So, let me get this straight. The Democrats in the Senate had a chance to vote on two bills that would have moved gun control in the direction they desired, not all the way, but it would have moved the discussion off the dime it is sitting on now and they chose not to support it.

Then, House Democrats staged a sit-in, like college students whom the administration won’t listen, and breaking the rules of the House, by filming it, to force a vote?

So, these paid legislators, who make the laws of the land allegedly by representing the will of the people, the people who have chosen to put more Republicans than Democrats in the Senate and House, who get paid about $174,0000 a year are making their own rules, ordering pizza and singing Kumbaya to change laws?

What happened to writing bills? Didn’t they watch Saturday morning cartoons and know how it’s done?

Chuck Caudill Jr.