Letters to the Editor

Guns will prevent fall of America

Civilizations have risen and fallen by the same pattern: freedom, suffrage, hedonism, statism, disarmament of the populace then state-sanctioned genocide.

From Greece to Rome, Mao’s China to Hitler’s Germany, it has occurred this way since time could be written. The only thing that ensures this cycle doesn’t perpetuate itself in America is that the populace is armed and shall remain so. This scares the state and the string pullers because they understand this cycle of history while the fear of keeping control looms daily.

Benjamin Franklin once said that “when you sacrifice freedom for security you get neither.” So before you scream for more gun control and disarmament, go a local library and research the rise and fall of past civilizations.

Stand up for your rights: to choose how you live; to worship whatever deity you wish; to be presumed innocent until proven guilty; to marry who you want; to keep deity subscription out of legislation; to self-defense; to due process.

This may sound trite, but once these rights are gone, they will never return and our republic will be no more.

Zach Atkins