Letters to the Editor

Fake response from GOP

Does crass Sen. Mitch McConnell imagine the “No-Fly No-Buy” window-dressing “reform” — with permission of the National Rifle Association — is anything but disingenuous Republican politics?

This sickening rush-to-do-something sidesteps outlawing military assault weapons that should have been illegal long ago. The Second Amendment was never intended to protect mass killing; but Republicans’ insane distortion of that amendment shields the NRA, while allowing humans to be slaughtered.

McConnell’s responsibility is to safeguard citizens, not the obscene NRA and killer guns. House Speaker Paul Ryan is equally disgusting and spineless. Ryan also resists strict gun regulations and shelters the NRA. Stop the hypocritical GOP grandstanding, get serious about tough gun laws and explain the true meaning of the Second Amendment.

The disgraced Republican Party shames our nation with its fake response to the horrific Orlando tragedy.

Michael Gregoire