Letters to the Editor

Right abortion clinic ruling

What bad ruling on reproductive rights in Kentucky?

Many will say as an old conservative male, I should have no say in reproductive rights or what decisions females make about reproductive matters.

I have female loved ones. I do not want them getting procedures from an unlicensed dentist or podiatrist, so why would I want them to have any procedure at an unlicensed abortion clinic? Abortion is a serious matter, and I fully support a woman’s right to choose. However, I do not want women to be treated in an unlicensed facility by possibly untrained personnel with no backup plan. A license is required.

This ruling is about a license. It is not about denying anyone, anything. We citizens look to government — elected by the majority of voters — to protect us. So, let the clinic get a license and proceed.

If our attorney general was as diligent on all violations as he is some, we would be better protected.

Robert Murphy