Letters to the Editor

Bevin going wrong way on health coverage

Gov. Matt Bevin’s new proposal to revamp Medicaid rules is a step in the wrong direction. Former Gov. Steve Beshear’s executive order reduced the level of uninsured Kentuckians to 7.5 percent. Bevin’s proposal is mean-spirited and will cause the number of Kentuckians without access to even rudimentary health care to increase.

If we cannot find it in the budget or our hearts to extend medical coverage to the neediest of our citizens, then on what should we be spending our tax dollars? If we can’t afford to help these unfortunate people, what can we afford?

The 400,000 Kentuckians who benefited from Beshear’s plan were not seeking fine clothes or fancy dinners. They just want to be able to see a doctor. You would think that a government claiming to represent all of the people would see health care, especially for a population that is arguably one of the most unhealthy and sickest in the country, to be a higher priority than almost anything else.

I urge everyone who is among the 400,000 or who has a family member, friend, neighbor or acquaintance affected by this plan to defend our fellow citizens and their right to health care.

Steve O’Connor