Letters to the Editor

Big bucks for presidents

When President James Ramsey leaves the University of Louisville will he still get any of his salary from the university? Most presidents do.

The Michigan State president gets $700,000, a $100,000 bonus, plus car and driver and housing costs. University of Florida’s president gets $870,000, a $160,000 bonus, plus $150,000 just to retire. The University of Michigan president makes only $770,000, but will get $255,000 if he goes back to teaching. He will also get $2 million for a private lab.

The president of the University of Pittsburgh hospital/medical school makes $7 million for overseeing the largest employer in Pennsylvania. Why is a hospital bigger than U.S. Steel, Alcoa or PPG?

These numbers are common, so parents of University of Kentucky students may be getting taken. And don’t forget the taxpayers.

Stephen Stinson