Letters to the Editor

Breaking promises

In hindsight, some of the best teachers I had were those who coached me in a sport or advised me in an extracurricular activity.

I still do not refer to them as the best coaches I had: To do so would be an insult to things they taught me: sportsmanship, responsibility, commitment, confidence, teamwork, etc. I question whether those attributes are truly at the forefront of today’s amateur athletic programs.

I am sure there are ancillary reasons that players have broken their commitments to play for the University of Kentucky’s football and women’s basketball programs, but the reasons are irrelevant because I believe in the importance of the attributes of competitive sports.

A person is only as good as his or her word, and in each and every one of the recent defections from those University of Kentucky programs, young adults gave their word, whether they signed something or not. Call it what you want, but they quit and made a mockery of their personal promise to do something.

Why then is it the integrity of the coaches we question first? They did not break their promises.

Mike Ross