Letters to the Editor

Restore Veterans Park

I live next to Veterans Park, on the east side of West Hickman Creek, where the EPA-mandated sewer project buried 5-foot-diameter concrete pipe right down the middle of the park in a ditch that was 18 feet deep.

This nine-month project has taken two years, and after many problems and repairs, the pipeline has been covered with mud and rock. The black plastic environmental barrier fencing was left standing and, overall, the city has done a poor job. It can’t even grow grass.

Youth teams no longer practice on this space. The playground equipment that was promised four years ago has never arrived.

I think the city council should restore this part of Veterans Park to its former state. But it it seems council members may be too busy spending $7 million on the Versailles Road Sports Complex, the $30 million court house restoration, or relocation of the historic bank building.

Maybe city officials should make money available for the care and restoration of existing parks.

Larry Hoover