Letters to the Editor

Don’t need a militia

The subject of the Second Amendment is militia not guns.

It does not authorize people to have guns, for they are not needed to be called to form a militia (group of armed men) to secure the freedom of the people from aggressors, like British soldiers trying to live in houses in Boston or to fight the French and Indians invading the homes of people in Vermont. If there were a violent uprising at the local high school, the police or, in rare cases, the National Guard would arrive.

If Mexico tried to invade Texas, our president would send in the Army and talk to Mexico’s president to stop any fighting. But the local minister, fifth-grade teacher, etc., are not authorized to have guns ready to be called out to form a militia, but rather by law as passed by our duly elected officials.

Donald Trump, Gov. Matt Bevin and the National Rifle Association are wrong to say we all may have guns as stated in the Second Amendment.

James A. Nolan