Letters to the Editor

Paul’s own landfill

I have a solution to the problem at the Estill County dump.

Sen. Rand Paul recently tried to entice chemical companies to relocate to Kentucky by promising no regulations requiring the companies to clean up their pollution.

Paul’s libertarian stance is that companies should be freed of onerous regulations requiring them to protect the health and safety of their neighbors.

The Estill County landfill has been contaminated by a company ignoring government regulations and dumping tons of radioactive waste from out-of-state fracking operations. The citizens of Estill County are worried that the radioactive waste will contaminate local drinking water and become a public health hazard.

Those socialists in Estill County actually think the company should be required to follow the government regulations and go bankrupt cleaning up their mess.

This is a great opportunity for Paul to follow his ideals and make some money, too. He can buy land next to his house and open a landfill. Then he can charge a premium for out-of-state frackers to dump all their radioactive waste there, including the Estill County waste.

I am sure all his libertarian neighbors won’t mind.

Kevin Kline