Letters to the Editor

Forgetful McCain

Sen. John McCain says President Barack Obama is responsible for the Orlando massacre because he withdrew troops from Iraq and that allowed ISIS to gain strength.

He seems to have forgotten that the unnecessary and unjustified Iraq war that George W. Bush got us into and which McCain supported was responsible for destabilizing the region. That created ISIS.

McCain also endorsed Donald Trump for president. McCain must have forgotten that Trump publicly disrespected him and every other U.S. service member captured in any war when he said, “he’s no hero …. I prefer those who weren’t captured.”

The fact that Trump got five deferments to avoid military service during the Vietnam era and equated his time at a military academy during high school to actual military service, makes that statement even more intolerable.

I’m sure McCain forgot, too, about the nearly $8 million in campaign contributions he has received from the NRA over his career, more than any other senator.

Otherwise, blaming Obama for a massacre perpetrated using a weapon that should be banned would just appear as if McCain was deflecting responsibility from the gun lobby and the congressmen it owns.

McCain is in a tough re-election battle, but is that a good enough reason to sacrifice one’s integrity and legacy?

Greg Kring