Letters to the Editor

Climate is just fine

Since forever, high priests have used superstitions to control their credulous minions. The Aztecs sacrificed young virgins to appease the gods, and Europeans burned witches for casting spells that caused droughts and famines.

Today the climate priests are blaming CO2 for all severe weather events. The record for the past 8,000 years shows an average climate variation of 0.98 degrees centigrade per century. The climate warmed 0.8 degrees centigrade this past century.

There is no scientific justification for claiming CO2 is responsible for this warming. Yet, computerized climate models are put forth as the only quasi-scientific evidence to support this silly CO2 hypothesis.

But wait, we have scientific consensus; that makes the quasi-evidence more scientific. That’s another big no. Quasi-evidence and scientific consensus are nothing more than opinion. Climate models are a collection of assumptions put into mathematical form and run on super computers. The computers add their magic and, presto, out pop predictions.

How have these predictions fared over the past 20 years compared to actual climate data? All failed, running three times too hot.

George Tomaich