Letters to the Editor

Gorilla was murdered

Leave it to a right-to-life fanatic to put forth the preposterous idea that mourners of the rare gorilla shot to death in the Cincinnati zoo are somehow antithetical to the lives of humanity.

The murder of Harambe was unnecessary and regrettable. I have a friend who was the keeper of large primates in a major zoo. When asked his opinion of the incident, he stated, “The one being who was the most frightened in that situation was Harambe.” The people screaming at him likely caused the reaction that caused his slaying. If all the spectators and others could have been removed promptly from the exhibit, the child could probably have been retrieved unhurt.”

A June 12 diatribe said that “the monetary value of this animal … is not comparable to the value of a human life, which is priceless.” Actually, many of us mourn the death of Harambe irrespective of his monetary value. Nothing that happened was his fault. He could have been saved, but he was murdered. None of this has anything to do with the craziness of the militant right-to-life extremists.

Jim Porter