Letters to the Editor

Make road safer for bicyclists

We’ve all seen how dangerous it is to ride a bicycle on public roads. Several deaths here in Kentucky and now the horrifying multiple-fatality crash in Michigan remind us that more needs to be done to protect bicyclists.

I ride often on U.S. 25 in Madison County, a two-lane highway. I was excited two years ago when they repaved it, thinking that the broken parts near the edges, which I carefully hug, would be smoothed out. Instead, bone-rattling grooves (a safety reminder for drivers) were carved into those edges. They are an inch deep, and a foot wide. One absolutely cannot ride over these punishing ridges and is therefore forced to travel farther into traffic lanes than before the “improvement.”

What kind of insensitivity does this display? If our state really cared about those wishing to lead healthy lives, thereby reducing health care costs, it would add bicycling lanes, as some states have done, rather than multiplying the dangers.

Darryl Halbrooks