Letters to the Editor

Tough love for wealthy

The Bevin administration’s compassion for our poor and economically disadvantaged citizens is, as always, striking in its depth and sincerity. Its desire to allow people dignity and self-worth in health care is commendable. I am concerned they have not gone far enough.

It is important that everyone have a sense of dignity and self-worth and that includes those who inherit unearned wealth or position. These people have not earned this financial reward and do not have any skin in the game.

We must act immediately to enact laws limiting inherited wealth and position to preserve these people’s dignity and self-worth as well as that of our less fortunate citizens. Inheriting large sums of money or working in a family business is not predicated on ability or hard work by the recipient.

These people’s loss of dignity and self-worth must be agonizing to the Bevin administration and should be addressed by requiring them to work and/or attend classes before they receive the fruits of someone else’s labor.

Thomas Martin