Letters to the Editor

Pay college ex-president

Since reading the June 16 article “Ex-president says University of the Cumberlands owes him annual salary,” I have been concerned about what a Christian school appears to be doing. Not only does the article indicate that the Cumberland board agreed three times to the compensation it now seems to deny, but also that a board member verified the existence of the agreement. How then could there be a problem now?

I am also somewhat stunned by the statement from the university that it “does not exist to unfairly benefit a single individual, no matter how long he has served the university.” One might also conclude that the university does not exist to keep its word, a basic Christian tenet.

Finally, the university might compare its campus facilities, supporters, financial contributors and reputation before and after Jim and Dinah Taylor arrived. The university might then understand why such promises were made and why they must be kept. It’s the very least a Christian university — or non-Christian one, for that matter — must do.

Barbara Sowders