Letters to the Editor

Paul’s misinformation

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul never fails to entertain with his altered-reality viewpoint, but I’m done laughing. His June 24 commentary gave us another look into his strange thinking patterns. He doubled down on exaggerations, misinformation and illogical thinking processes while ramping up excuses for his inadequate leadership on extremely important issues.

He conveniently fails to notice, or more accurately just doesn’t care, that nearly 90 percent of people across the country want lawmakers to deny potential terrorists access to assault weapons. He tries to distract us from his failure to protect us by blaming the FBI. He continues spinning nonsense by claiming efforts at banning assault weapons will take away citizens’ Second Amendment rights. Of course, such empty and false claims ring hollow, not to mention that no one, including terrorists, has a right to military assault weapons, or to grenades, bazookas or tanks for that matter.

Perhaps the most pathetic part of his weak opinion piece was the huge lie he spun in closing. He claims our security is his “highest priority,” but he intends to put responsibility for it on the FBI, ignoring the fact that we know he has already helped block laws to help in that security.

Arlin Marsh