Letters to the Editor

Sanders’ plans are doable

I regret that not many still alive remember that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was called a socialist for doing what Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wants to do for our country today.

Roosevelt saved the nation by creating agencies that put people back to work building bridges, roads and other infrastructure during the Great Depression and World War II.

When Ronald Reagan was governor of California, tuition-free college was a reality. Look up which foreign countries have no college tuition.

Who says these things can’t happen?

The wealthiest 1 percent of the population who don’t want to be taxed more, lobbyists and politicians who don’t want campaign finance reform and, of course, the average citizen who doesn’t understand how such changes can be made.

I am a registered Republican, but because of Kentucky’s voting laws, I could not vote for Sanders in the primaries, yet he is the only candidate with the experience and knowledge of how to unify and reform our government.

Are there ideas I don’t agree with? Yes, but that can be said of any candidate.

Sanders is honest and trustworthy, unlike Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who will either keep the status quo or destroy the integrity of our country.

Nancy Littrell