Letters to the Editor

Hate groups flourishing

According to the Spring Intelligence Report published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, there were 892 active hate groups in the United States in 2015, including 190 Ku Klux Klan, 180 black separatist and 184 general hate groups. Among other groups listed are neo-Nazi, white nationalist and Christian identity; their targets include African-Americans, Jews, Muslims, immigrants, LGBT, Catholics and various doctrines or nationalities. “Patriot” groups, which have grown in number, are anti-government.

The report lists 28 events of radical-right and jihadist conspiracies, terrorism and related violence and includes some quotes that caught my attention.

Andy Hallinan, Florida Gun Supply owner: “It’s 9/11 week. Use coupon code ‘muslim’ at our site for $25 off any gun.”

Bill Federer, right-wing author: “They (LGBT) want more and more until they want your little kids.”

David Wright, organizer of protests against Muslims: “We should stop being afraid of who we are! We like to have guns designed to kill people that pose a threat in a very efficient manner.”

Donald Trump: “The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good honest people are allowed to own.”

Trump at NRA meeting: “We’re getting rid of gun-free zones if I’m elected.”

The pernicious, seductive hate season continues to flourish.

Shirley Baechtold