Letters to the Editor

Say no to sports project


I was disappointed that the 11th District’s council member would not second the motion to remove the $7 million dedicated for the sports project along Parkers Mill Road.

I have lived on Parkers Mill for 50 years and worked with our West Gardenside Neighborhood Association to keep this single-family residential area as pleasing as possible for all of us living here.

Our area should not have to cope with traffic to and from a sports complex instead of those driving by to view the scenery we enjoy.

I have seen large sinkholes appear on the property in the past. Should one happen and cause damage, would taxpayers be responsible?

The council should look at the whole picture before making a final decision that would affect many people. I would like to think that the council cares about not only kids but adults as well.

Would you want this on your street and in your backyard?

Julia Smith