Letters to the Editor

Shooting news manipulated

Here we go again with another national media extravaganza, this time in Baton Rouge, La. No one yet knows the facts, but already it’s labeled police brutality, racism and a bad-cop coverup.

In the meantime, Chicago, the gun control capital of America, has experienced 300-plus murders and 2,000 shootings in 2016, with little said in the media. The mostly black citizens of that city are not even acknowledged, and the media, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ignore their suffering. I guess there’s no political advantage to reporting the grief in Chicago.

Can’t intelligent people see that the national media create hype, pass judgment and spin their lies as truth? Based on their definition, if a shooting involves white-on-black, it’s big news, but black-on-black, white-on-white or black-on-white incidents are not even reported. Journalists are sick with hatred, fueled by liberal political interests and care little for innocent victims of crime; they use every situation to advance a cause of confusion.

I don’t believe anything reported on national TV news, and I resist reading trash from the the New York Times, Washington Post and other liberal rags. Big media manufacture depression as a business model. Journalists create bad news, which infects our whole country.

Robert Adams