Letters to the Editor

Learn from British voters’ mistake

So, xenophobia and racism have won the day in Great Britain. The British media are very keen to not present the results of this referendum in that light, but the campaign leading up to this vote was nothing short of both. While I do not doubt the sincerity of the grievances of the leave camp toward the European Union, their victory was achieved through a massive, predominantly anti-immigrant, anti-foreigner message.

Damage will likely result eventually: Great Britain’s loss of Scotland, the majority of Britain’s political clout in world affairs and any chance of remaining a major world power. In one devastating action, voters fatally sundered the United Kingdom and ripped a hole in the fabric of Europe. The EU will survive without the UK; but the UK will not survive leaving the EU. The irony is that implementing immigration and border controls, as promised by the leave leaders, will not address the underlying economic policies that have led the disenfranchised to their current state. On the contrary, leave leaders are vowing to continue the trade agreements and other economic policies that have weakened the British middle class.

Americans would do well to learn from the mistakes of our British cousins.

Benjamin Jeffries